Semper Fi

Monday, December 04, 2006

Professional Standards

Well the time has finally arrived, just unexpectedly.

I was invited to see top brass today in their office and presented with their opinion about my blog. It seems the blog needs to end completely now.

It's been fun writing, it's also a shame about this but I'm sure you will understand my situation. Orders are orders and like soldiers, we must follow them. I've been a PC now for almost 10 years and felt my stories and experiences documented on here were fun and interesting to read.

I never once wanted to offend anyone or any agency, the aim of my stories was just to conjure up your senses of humor and to vent my frustrations at some of the red tape that exists in my job, it was to be taken in pure jest simply to amuse and nothing more.

Well all good things must come to an end and I would like to just express my thanks to my readers who took time out of their lives to sit down and read my humble writings. Thanks for reading, if you are joining the police then I wish you every success getting in. If you are already a bobby then I wish you continued success with your careers!

At least now I should be able to get my refs!

Take care,
Semper Fi
(Writing the final blog from my station in a southern area of the country).

*Cue a thumbs up*